Christmas party
On 17 December 2010 Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Tomáš Szunyog organized a Christmas party with his compatriots in his residence. Members of Ceska Beseda Sarajevo, Banjaluka, Mačino Brdo, Prijedor and Nova Ves, as well as members of the Association of Bosnia and Czech friendship  Snješka responded to his invitation. The party was also attended by the Lady Consul Mrs. Jana Stará and other staff of the Czech Embassy.
In his opening speech Mr. Tomáš Szunyog expressed his gratitude for such good response of his compatriots, wishing them all the best for coming holidays, promising that such gatherings would become traditional. Mr. and Mrs. Boček from Mačino Mrdo started singing first. Verses were read out and presents were exchanged. The President of Česka Beseda Sarajevo Jovanka Manzalović-Šalaka presented Ambassador  Szunyog with a reprint of Czech Folk Songs with an appropriate greeting.

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Czech Film Festival in Sarajevo
National Day 28 October
A formal reception at Konak on  27 October 2010 marked the joint national holidays of Czech Republic and the Republic of Austria.
The Czechoslovakian Republic was established following  Czechia and Slovakia secession from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Austria celebrates its holiday on 26 October when in 1955 the law on its neutrality was passed.
By joint celebration the ambassadors of friendly countries underlined how necessary the connecting and cooperation  between nations and peoples were in the European Union. The Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr. Tomáš Szunyog in his address did not fail to mention his compatriots stating that the door was always open to cooperation with them. Members of Česka Beseda Sarajevo and Banja Luka  responded to his invitation and joined the celebration together with other distinguished guests.

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Ceremonious celebration of the Statehood Day of the Czech Republic
The Statehood Day of the Czech Republic was ceremoniously marked on 28 October 2009 by a reception in the Sarajevo Beer Hall. Many of the members of “Česka beseda” responded to the invitation extended by the new Czech Ambassador Tomaš Szunyoga. This year, Mr. Sunyog addressed those present in the English language and promised to learn the language of the host country by the next year. The addressing speech was followed by a pleasant party. “Česka beseda” expressed its respect to the Czech Embassy by an appropriate floral arrangement. 
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Lecture on Czech Castles by Tomislav Krzyk
In the lecture by Tomislav Krzyk on Czech castles we direct your attention to:
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St. Václav's Day Celebration
Saint Václav's Day on 28 September and the day when the Sarajevo Česke Besede renewed its activity was conveniently marked on 29 September 2010 by a performance and party at the St. Anthony's Monastery in Bistrik. The celebration was graced by the presence of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Mr. Tomáš Szunyog. In the very beginning the President Jovanka Manzalović Šalaka announced a clip from the RTV Vogošća show “We are BiH, too“ where a group of Beseda members performed  Písnička Česka, an anthem of Česka Beseda in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The clip was posted on You Tube. This was followed by a promised lecture by the Co-president Tomislav Krzyk on the Czech castles accompanied by original slides filmed during his study visit to Dobrušci. The get-together continued with Czech songs.
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The Embassy of Czech Republic offers  a wide range of scholarship programs in the Czech and English language. Basic knowledge of language is often sufficient for the beginning, and some art schools do not set down a prior knowledge of language as a requirement. The schools in Banja Luka and Sarajevo offer Czech Language course.
Further information about study programs and scholarships available at:

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Písnička Česká
We have presented ourselves at RTV Vogošća.

The TV Vogošća station dedicated its 12th show in the series “ We are BiH, too“ to the Association of Česká Beseda Sarajevo and broadcast it  on 13 June 2010. In the show a group of members performed an anthem of all Besedas in BiH - Písnička Česka ("Ta naše písnička česká" - Our Czech song; by a composer Karel Hašler).

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At the session of the Sarajevo Canton held on 22 July 2010 a public space opposite Hotel Bristol was titled: "NATIONAL MINORITIES PARK"

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Farewell to Irena Götzova


On 8 July 2010 at the residence of the Czech Ambassador Tomáš Szunyog a farewell cocktail party was organized for Mrs. Irena Götzova who was going back to Prague, having successfully served in Bosnia and Herzegovina for years. Irena Götzová as a consul had great cooperation with Česka Beseda in Sarajevo and was unremittingly active in the cultural sector. She was leaving  Bosnia and Herzegovina as a political ally and deputy ambassador to continue dealing with the Balkans in her new post. Ambassador Tomáš Szunyog, many guests, friends and members of Česka Beseda Sarajevo bid farewell to her, conveying their gratitude.
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A Trip to Kreševo


On 26 June 2010 Česká Beseda Sarajevo made its traditional trip by visiting the town of Kreševo. Assisted by a professional guide from the monastery we first did the tour of the Church  St. Katarina and the museum of valuable artifacts of the past of this area. This was followed by a splendid meal in a nearby  restaurant Ribnjak where we stayed all afternoon. Our youngest member Ivan Milošević improved joyful atmosphere by playing tamburica. On the way back we made a quick stop in Kreševo proper to take a walk through its famous historical town core.
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Awake Puppets


On 13 June 2006 making of a documentary film tilted Awake Puppets started in the Sarajevo Youth Theatre. A motive of the documentary film was the last year's hundredth anniversary of puppetry. It was the Czechs themselves who had started the puppetry as well as many other forms of city life in Sarajevo. An old puppet theatre kept by the  Stuchlý family played an important role in it. The film should be finished by the fifteenth anniversary of renewal of Česka Beseda activity in Sarajevo, specifically before the celebration of the St. Václav's Day on 28 September 2011. The following persons took part in arrangements and initial takes of the film: the President of Česka Beseda Jovanka Manzalović Šalaka and Co-president Leona Sabolek, actors Ante Hrkač, Jasminka Požeg and Drago Buka, cameramen Senka Paunović Sivjakov and Igor Sivjakov as well as the executive producer Mirsad Tukić.
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Meeting with Ethnologists


In late May 2010 in Sarajevo Pivnica in Bistrik representatives of Češka Beseda Sarajevo met fourteen ethnologists from the Czech Republic, their fellow countrywoman and a fellow-countryman from Serbia.
Among the guests were old friends,  ethnologists Dr. Zdenek Uherek and Dr. Jana Pospišilova, who visited our city as back in  1996 when Sarajevo was severely scarred by war. During their first visit they spoke to the Czech nationals  who survived the siege of Sarajevo. Subsequently, Dr. Uherek published his interviews with compatriots, his research results and impressions in his books.
Sarajevo Beseda members and guests sang Czech songs together and exchanged presents in Pivnica. The guests received t-shirts with a Češka Beseda Sarajevo logo, and the host hand-made souvenirs-dolls with Czech national costumes and from a Slovakian guest – a famous brandy borovička.

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held from 9 to 12 September  2010 in Prague
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Free-time Creativity Exhibition
staged at St. Anton's Little Gallery  from 11 to 18 January 2010


On 11 January 2010 a Free-time Creativity Exhibition was opened at the St. Antony's Little Gallery in Bistrik traditionally organized by Česká Beseda Sarajevo with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Embassy of Czech Republic to BiH and St. Antony's Franciscan Monastery biannually. 
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