Christmas party
On 21.12.2009 „Česka beseda“ Sarajevo organized a traditional Christmas party in the premises of the Monastery of St. Anthony at Bistrik, which was honoured by the presence of the Czech Republic Ambassador Mr. Tomáš Szunyog, Consul Ms. Jana Stara and Guardian Fra Petar Perica Vidić. The introductory words and good wishes for the Christmas and New Year were followed by appropriate Czech and other songs with music accompaniment of Sonja and Ivan Milošević. A raffle was also organized during this pleasant evening. 
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On 16 December 2009 a joint meeting of the following associations: “Česka beseda” Sarajevo, “Hum”, “Polsa”, Slovenian Cultural Association “Cankar” and Association of citizens of Italian origin took place in the premises of the SCA “Cankar”. This meeting resulted in an initiative addressed to the Head of the Novo Sarajevo Municipality, Mr. Nedžad Koldžo, on giving the name “The Park of National Minorities”, which is actually a continuation of the already existing cooperation of above associations and local authorities. On that occasion the representatives of these associations were given the DVD showing the planting of Serbian spruces opposite the “Bristol” hotel that took place in April this year.
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Christmas party at the residency of Ambassador Tomaš Szunyog
On 17.12.2009, the Czech Republic Ambassador Tomaš Szunyog, together with Consul Jana Stara, hosted the members of Česka beseda Sarajevo, members of Česka besedas from the Republika Srpska, members of the Association of the Bosnian-Czech friendship “Snješka” and Professor Dušek from Tuzla, in the premises of his residency. In his welcoming address the Ambassador said:
“I have the privilege to welcome among us one of our most highly esteemed compatriots, Mr. Professor Častimir Dušek who was awarded this year the prize Gratias agit by the Minister of Foreign Affairs for his remarkable contribution to enhancing the reputation of the Czech Republic abroad. Let me, Mr. Dušek, thank you on my behalf for your efforts by which you have been contributing all your life not only to enhancing the Czech tradition, but by which you have also confirmed the high opinion of outstanding capabilities of the Czech musicians. At the same time, on this occasion I would hand over to you the CD containing the photographs from this year’s awarding ceremony of Gratias agit.”
The Ambassador emphasized that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and he personally attach great importance to associations of compatriots and at the same time invited them to search for ways of preserving the tradition and the Czech language with the assistance of the Czech Republic and to join forces to that effect. The European Union, to which Bosnia and Herzegovina is striving, is a proof that much more can be achieved by joined efforts.
The present guests gathered around a decorated Christmas tree, listened to and sang the Czech and other songs together with the ensemble from Banja Luka and enjoyed the Czech meals and drinks. They also tasted the Czech Christmas cake vanočka which Professor Dušek brought from Tuzla. The “vanočka” is a traditional delicacy of his family – his Czech ancestors who moved to Tuzla were famous pastry-shop owners.
The Ambassador gave presents to the members of the associations. He also got presents from compatriots – from Česka beseda Sarajevo he got a digitalized edition of the chronicle of the Czech teacher Jaroš, and a painting from the guests from the RS.

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Ceremonious celebration of the Statehood Day of the Czech Republic
The Statehood Day of the Czech Republic was ceremoniously marked on 28 October 2009 by a reception in the Sarajevo Beer Hall. Many of the members of “Česka beseda” responded to the invitation extended by the new Czech Ambassador Tomaš Szunyoga. This year, Mr. Sunyog addressed those present in the English language and promised to learn the language of the host country by the next year. The addressing speech was followed by a pleasant party. “Česka beseda” expressed its respect to the Czech Embassy by an appropriate floral arrangement. 
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Evening of the Czech song in Prnjavor
On 17 October an “Evening of the Czech song” was held in the Cultural centre in Prnjavor, organized by Česka beseda from Mačino Brdo. On that occasion, at the invitation of Emil Boček – President of Česka beseda Mačino Brdo, members of Česka beseda Sarajevo paid a two-day visit to Prnjavor and Mačino brdo and took an active part in this event, so important for ČESKA BESEDAS. Zvjezdana and Ivan Stuchly sang a well known song “Kristinka” and „Když jsem já šel tou putimskou branou“, thus representing the Sarajevo Beseda. Their performance was warmly greeted by a long applause of more than hundred present citizens of Czech origin from Prijedor, Slavonski Brod, Kaptol-Požega, Nova Ves, Banja Luka and Mačino Brdo. The participants in this event sang also “Pisnička Česka”, the song which was accepted, at the proposal of the organizers, as the anthem of Česka besedas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We used our pleasant visit to Prnjavor to hand over to our kind host a digital edition of the “Chronicle” by the Czech teacher Ludvig Jaroš, that was made in 1934, in token of gratitude for preserving the archive of the former Česka beseda Sarajevo.
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Celebration of St. Vaclav’s Day
“Česka beseda” Sarajevo celebrated St. Vaclav’s Day on 27 September 2009 in the Franciscan Monastery of St. Anthony at Bistrik. At the beginning, Tomislav Krzyk informed us about his study visit to Dobruška. His report was exceptionally interesting and accompanied by original slides. Two more reports on his stay in the Czech Republic will follow. The rest of the evening passed in socializing with snacks served.
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On 22 September 2009 we bid farewell to the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Jiři Kuděla, who was then preparing to assume new office. In a cordial conversation on that occasion Mr. Kuděla thanked our association for successful cooperation in the past four-year period and expressed his wish that this cooperation be continued in the next period. On behalf of the members of Česka beseda Sarajevo, Jovanka Manzalović Šalaka and Tomislav Krzyk handed over to His Excellency an appropriate present - digitalized edition of “The Chronicle” by Ludvik Jaroš, a Czech teacher in Sarajevo, dating back to 1934. Digitalization of this valuable cultural heritage is an exceptionally important project of our association and we hope that it will find its place in the “Czech Corner”, thus enabling the local community and those interested in the “Czech minority” in this territory to familiarize themselves with the available material which present the life of the Czech community in Sarajevo at the beginning of the 20th century.
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Digitalized edition of “The Chronicle”
“Česka beseda” Sarajevo organized a one day trip to Fojnica on 20 June 2009
We visited the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Fojnica. First we were instructed in the church about the history of the Monastery and the region in general and then we visited the Monastery area. Guided by a competent guide we made a tour of the renewed museum with valuable exhibits. Then we had a short break in the beer hall where the guardian of the Monastery, fra Mirko Majdandžić joined us. Then our bus took us up the Vranica Mountain to the recreation centre Brusnica, where we had lunch and spent a pleasant afternoon together. We returned to Sarajevo full of nice impressions.
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Beginning of the Park of national minorities
On the initiative of “Česka beseda”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic – Department for Fellow Countrymen financed the purchase of Serbian spruce seedlings which were planted on 3 April 2009, with the assistance of the Public Company “Park” in the street Zmaja od Bosne, opposite the Bristol Hotel. In the presence of the Head of the Novo Sarajevo Municipality, Mr. Nedžad Koldžo, the seedlings were planted by the representatives of the Association of Hungarians HUM, Association of Poles Polsa, Cultural Association Cankar, Association of citizens of Italian origin and, of course, representatives of Česka beseda. These five Serbian spruces are the beginning of a park that should be named the Park of national minorities.
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Electoral meeting
The Association of citizens of the Czech origin “Česka beseda” Sarajevo held its Electoral meeting on 20 March 2009 in the premises of the Monastery of St. Anthony at Bistrik. The former Management was confirmed and the Articles of Association were supplemented. Editing a monograph on the Czechs in Sarajevo at the beginning of the 20th century is planned, and therefore all citizens who possess data and documents are invited to participate in creating the monograph.
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