Christmas party
On 19 Decenber 2008 the traditional Christmas party was held for the members of Česka beseda Sarajevo in the Franciscan Monastery of St Anthony at Bistrik. The party was opened by a speech delivered by the President of the Association, Jovanka Manzalović Šalaka. Vice-president, Tomislav Krzyk, guided the present members through Prague by giving explanations of the slides made by Josip Mikolašek during their recent visit to this beautiful, ancient city. The Czech consul Jana Stará thanked Česka beseda for its support to the cultural program and invited all members of the Association to attend the cultural events organized by the Czech Embassy in Sarajevo, marking the presiding of the Czech Republic over the European Union. She wished all the best to the members on the occasion of the Christmas holidays and New Year. Then a pleasant party followed with raffle and appropriate music. It was attended also by the members of the Association of the Hungarians “HUM” from Sarajevo as guests.
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Visit to Prague
The most important activity in the second half of 2008 was certainly the visit to Prague by several members of our Association. On that occasion the members of Česka beseda Sarajevo were received by Mr. Vladimir Eisenbruk from the Department for Fellow Countrymen of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. In Čermin Palace our host was Mr. Vladimir Chaloupka, whom we know from Sarajevo, i.e. from the period of his service in the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanking to him and his colleague, Mr. Štepan Gilar, we visited the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. During our stay in Prague, we also visited the Home of National Minorities which was opened in June 2007. At the same time we made contact with Ms. Branka Kubešova, the president of the St. Sava Association. We took that opportunity to hand over to our hosts a reprint of the “Czech Falk Songs” edited by Česka beseda Sarajevo.
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Fourth week of the Czech film
This year’s week of the Czech film, fourth in succession, was dedicated to the opus of great Czech director Jiři Menzel. It was opened on 20 November 2008 in the UNITIC cinema by showing a short movie “Our Mr. Foerster Died” and the movie “Closely Watched Trains” which was awarded Academy Award in 1968 for Best Foreign Language Film.
On that occasion the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to BiH, Mr. Jiři Kudĕla read a short passage from the Memoirs of this director, which describes the ceremony of the Academy Award, seen by the eyes of the author. The whole text will be published in the Almanac for 2008.
The following movies could be seen by 26 November: “Capricious Summer”, “Larks on a String”, “Seclusion Near a Forest”, “Cutting It Short”, “My Sweet Little Village”, “One Moment” and “I Served the King of England”. These movies made the Czech director famous all over the world.
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Square of Karlo Paržik
As of 19 November 2008 the square in front of St. Josip’s church at Marindvor bears the name of great Czech architect, Karlo Paržik. Thanking to the joint efforts of the Embassy of the Czech Republic, the Government of the Sarajevo Canton, Municipality “Center” and the City of Sarajevo, due tribute to the man who built Sarajevo for almost 60 years has been paid. The plaque with his name was unveiled by his granddaughter Silvija Paržik and Mayoress of Sarajevo Semiha Borovac. Sarajevo is identifiable in the world by Paržik’s buildings and now this Czech by birth and Sarajevan by choice, has his square in the central part of the city he loved so much.
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Statehood Day
Marking the Statehood Day, the Embassies of the Czech and Slovak Republics gave a ceremonious reception in the National Museum of BiH in Sarajevo on 6 November 2008. Besides numerous eminent guests from political, cultural and public life, the members of Česka beseda Sarajevo also attended the celebration.
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Celebration of St. Vaclav’s Day


This year the Day of St. Vaclav was marked on 28 September 2008 by Česka beseda in a somewhat different way than in previous years. On that day a one-day trip was organized to Kraljeva Sutjeska and Bobovac. It was a memorable visit to significant places of Bosnian-Herzegovinian history, concluded by a dinner in Vareš.
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Flowers on Karlo Paržik’s grave

On the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the death of Karlo Paržik, the members of Česka beseda Sarajevo visited his grave and laid flowers.
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The Czech language course in 2008
On 15 June 2008 the elementary course of the Czech language was completed. The ceremony of award of certificates was attended by consul of the Czech Republic to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Jana Stará.

The Czech language course was completed by:


Đani Đorđević

Alma Islamović

Sanjin Medić

Mirza Berbić

Kenan Bešlija

Maša Hilćišin

Alma Dibek

Azra Gušić

Ajser Cana

Lamija Beširović

Mersad Čehajić

Vanja Šaponjić

Mirano Jupić

Anita Mesić

Jasna Kadrić

Adnan Bezdrob

Darija Fajković

Leo Hatvani

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Fifth friendship gathering

The jubilee fifth friendship gathering of the associations of the Czechs and Slovaks took place on 31 May and 1 June 2008 in Sarajevo.The subject of the gathering was the cooperation with the mother country. The gathering was attended by the representatives of „Česka beseda“ and the Association of Slovaks „Janošik“ from Banja Luka, the Association of friendship of the Yugoslavs, Czechs and Slovaks from Belgrade, and „Česka beseda“ from Zagreb and „Česka beseda“ from the host town Sarajevo. In the working part of the gathering, in which Ms. Jana Stará, consul of the Czech Republic Embassy also took part, the main subject of discussion was the problem of financing of the activities. The closing dinner was followed by socializing and informal, but useful, exchange of experience. During the visit of our guests, some time was taken for a sightseeing tour of the city.
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Almanac 2007 … we single out

The entire Almanac can be found in the section “Bulletin”  
Elementary course of the Czech language in 2008
The Czech language course, organized by Česka beseda Sarajevo, started on 15 January 2008. The course takers were, like in the previous year, the students who apply for scholarships for studies at the Universities in the Czech Republic. Totally 18 students enrolled for the course. The members of Česka beseda were also allowed to attend occasionally the lessons in grammar and conversation. It should also be added that two secondary school pupils showed interest in learning the Czech language and mastering at least the basics of this language in the five month period of duration of the course. Ms. Jadranka Šuster, Ms. Libuša Peškovā and Mr. Aleksandr Götz gave lessons at the course.